11 Simple Tips for Personal Branding

personal branding
Personal Branding

Calling yourself an entrepreneur might be easy, but have you ever imagined how will you take your name to a next level where people will recognize you by your name only? Today I am going to tell you the 11 simple tips for personal branding.

Establishing yourself is not at all easy because if you will not do the proper personal branding then people will forget you easily especially when you are a newbie. So, here are 11 simple tips for personal branding, and I am sure if you will keep these tips for personal branding in mind then surely people will start knowing you.

If you don’t know from where to start, then you can take the help of the personal branding tools that are available online. But try to build your online personality using the natural ways, it will be more beneficial. If you want to get audience instantly then only you should go with the online tools, many webdevelopment companies do so.

11 Simple Tips for Personal Branding:

1. Decide whom you are targeting for your brand:
If you don’t know who are the audience relevant for you then it will be difficult for you to take your brand to the next level. Choosing the right audience is very necessary so before moving at advanced steps, decide who are your targeted audience.

Let’s assume that you are starting a blog or website of cosmetics, that includes all the tutorials of cosmetics products starting from doing makeup to how to use hair styling tools, so just think who will be your targeted audience? Will it be children, old age people? Or will it be young girls or women?
This is how you need to think about targeting the audience in order to make your personal brand successful.

2.  A brief introduction of yours will help a lot:
If it is about personal branding, then your information that includes what you do, where are your from, why you are doing this matters a lot. Let your visitors know about you, write your introduction in such a way that the visitors perform some action on your blog like contacting you via telephone or by sending you an e-mail. With this you will easily increase your network.

3. Synchronization with all social media sites is necessary:

social meida sites
All Social Media Sites

Online presence plays a major role in today’s date for growing the business and if you are not present online then it will take a lot of time and efforts to build up your personal branding. Once the synchronization is done successfully, you can easily find the relevant networks to your niche. Another one of the best tip is, you can create a video and upload it on YouTube and share that URL on your every social media profile.

4. Communicate with your audience:

Communicate Wtih Your Autience

If you are wondering that doing a proper SEO for two to three months will rank your website on the top and you will become famous then it is time to change your thinking because yet SEO is one of the best strategy to rank your website, but communication is also one of those aspect that you should not ignore. Reply to your comments, emails as quickly as possible and try to convince your customer that your product is going to be highly beneficial for them.

5. Convert your visitors into your customers:
If someone is signing up to your mailing list, then it is your responsibility to give something unique right? You can offer them e-books, pdfs, and other things related to your brand without charging anything so they will find it more interesting.

6. Find your competitors:
There are many people similar as you who do personal branding by using various strategies. Try to analyze your competitors and try to find out what strategies they are following. But don’t copy them. “Personal Branding” itself represents that you have something unique to sell.

7. Focus on the benefits of your brands:

benefits of your brands
Benefits of Your Brands

If your visitors or customers know that what are the benefits they will get from your brand, then the conversion rate will increase automatically. You should be focusing on the benefits and qualities that helps you in making your personal brand more and more unique.

8. A powerful brand logo with attract more eyes:
Many people underestimate the logo but doing this is very wrong. Let’s say, whenever someone says “Flipkart”, what is the first thing we remember about it? Flipkart’s logo, right? So, you should make your logo quite powerful and unique so that people will start knowing your brand by the logo only. Here are some tips for designing logo:
·         Size and placement of the logo.
·         The color palette of the logo.
·         Web elements.

9. Use a professional profile picture:
The audience will not trust your brand if you are not being professional with them, so focus on your avatar and keep a profile picture that is trustworthy.

10. Presentation of content matters a lot:
You must know what content you are posting and why you posting it, what is your intention behind it. Whatever you are write without thinking that what others will think about your content. Just keep on writing, only remember that it should be informative and unique.

11. Maintain consistency:
Don’t leave your blog or website for days, keep writing consistency on daily basis and upload fresh content daily. Maintaining a proper consistency is very necessary.
Mentioned above are the top 11 simple tips for personal branding. I hope the article is beneficial for you and you will definitely follow these tips in order to make your personal brand a known brand.

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